Welcome to Frisky Lamb Farm!  If you've ever seen young lambs out in a pasture, you'll know what we're talking about.  They start running, jumping, and frolicking within a few days after birth.  It's uplifting to watch. 

Here at Frisky Lamb Farm, our lambs are born in spri
ng when the pasture is lush, and there they live and frolic their entire lives.  They're let into a fresh paddock with their dams every two or three days.  They are not confined, fed grain, or given hormones or preventive antibiotics.  Worming medicine is kept to an absolute minimum, given only when an animal shows signs of infestation.  Our system of rotational grazing helps reduce worm infestations.  We don't even wean our lambs, but let them stay with their dams until about five months of age.  Nor do we castrate them.  The result is healthy lambs that give healthful--and delectable--meat.

Frisky Lamb Farm is located in the hills above Glen Aubrey, NY, fifteen miles north of Binghamton, NY.  We have owned our 74-acre property since September 2008.  

Frisky Lamb Farm's Frisky Lambs in Action 2

Our primary mission is to produce superior, 100% grass-fed, humanely raised, naturally grazing lambs for sale directly to our discriminating, ecologically conscious, gourmet clients.  We have signed the "Farmer's Pledge" (nofany.org/farmers-pledge), and are committed to practicing natural and sustainable agriculture. 

We currently have 57 breeding ewes and two breeding rams in our flock.